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2015 - All New Digital Projector / New Screen / Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
The Parkland has recently upgraded the projection equipment to the new state of the art technology in DIGITAL projection. This major projection system upgrade allows the theatre to provide our customers to the best cinema experience in town.

2015 First Run Theatre
The Parkland is now a First Run Theatre! What this means is we can now show movies when they are first released instead of waiting many weeks (sub run theatre)

Laser Light Shows
The Parkland is the ONLY entertainment complex with laser / LCD computer automated light shows. The theatre has laser light shows before and after each feature, enjoy the custom laser light show and be entertained by these dynamic lights!

All Stadium Seating
All seat in the theatre are placed higher than the seats immediately in front of them. Each row is roomier and provides excellent sight lines. "It's like sitting in your Lazy-Boy recliner at home!"

Best Seating In City
The theatre completed installing custom High-Back Black Leather Recliner Seats. Every seat in the theatre reclines and is elevated for the most comfortable seats with cup holders

Serving Hot Foods
Order your food item (Soft Pretzel, Large & Small pizzas, Cheese Stix, Hot and Honey BBQ Wings, Nacho Cheese & Chicken Nuggets) and we will deliver them to your seat so you will not miss any part of the movie! "EAT in your SEAT!"

Private Parties
Have your unique private party at theatre! Private party room on premises for rentals and events (Birthdays, Scouts, Church Groups, Daycares, Sport Teams, Family Reunions, Live Music, Company Outings and more)! Have your unique private party at theatre! Private party room on premises for rentals and events (Birthdays, Scouts, Church Groups, Daycares, Sport Teams, Family Reunions and more)!

XBOX 360 or PlayStation PS3 on the big screen
Rent the theatre to play your favorite video games on the big screen!

LIVE Sporting Events
View your favorite sporting events on the Big Screen in HDMI !!!


The Parkland Theatre has a long history and dates back to the period before the advent of motion pictures. The theatre was built as a vaudeville house in 1881 and was converted to a silent movie house in the 1920's. Remnants of those vaudeville days remain. The theatre had a stage with trap doors which are used for live performances on occasion. The Parkland is the oldest operating movie house in Cincinnati.

Ed Miller bought the historic Parkland Theatre in 1997. Over the last few years, many renovations have taken place including concession expansion (including HOT foods!), painting of the building, restoring the marquee, installing state of the art reclining leather seats, upgrading the movie equipment and much more.

In 2015, the historic Parkland Theatre commenced as a "First Run" Theatre. As family friendly movies are released, The Parkland Theatre will be able to play them immediately not having to wait weeks when the films become available as a sub run. We will continue to have free movies and classical movies from time to time.

Because of Ed's Catholic faith, the Parkland Theatre does not show "R" rated movies. The Mission of the Parkland Theatre is to "provide the community with family oriented entertainment at an affordable cost and exceptional value".

The Parkland Theatre along with playing the current family friendly movies shows religious movies every few months. These films entertain and educate Christians with true story movies. Some of the films shown are: The 13th Day (Story of Fatima), For Greater Glory (Cristios), Father Bosco, Padre Pio, and more. Please sign up on the Email Signup" tab to be notified weekly of our schedule.

Also, The Parkland Theatre has Catholic Priests present LIVE presentations on the doctrine of the Faith as a free event! Father speaks while the PowerPoint presentation displays on the big screen. Come learn the faith while hearing Father speak, watching the live presentation on the screen and Father at the podium, and learning in comfortable chairs and enjoying popcorn!

Thank you for your support of the Parkland Theatre and Entertainment Centre - Ed Miller.