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Below are links to presentations given at the Parkland Theatre

And other locations by Catholic Priests


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Parkland Theatre Presentations:

Private Revelation & Our Lady of Good Success - Lecture on what is private revelation. True vs False private revelations.

In the 2nd half Father speaks on Our Lady of Good Success.


Miracles - What are miracles? We turn a lot of things into miracles from babies to planes landing in the Hudson to health etc but what are they really? Father gives a lecture where he explains & gives examples of them from St Pio to Our Lady of Lourdes & the healings at Lourdes.


Latin in the Liturgy - Lecture on the Latin language in the Holy Mass. Why is it needed? What did Popes & Council fathers say about Latin

What is Sin? - Father gives a lecture on sin. What is it? How to make a good confession?


Examination of Conscience - Lecture on examining your conscious using the 10 Commandments. Father gives the traditional way of doing this.


What is Truth? - Lecture on Truth. What is it? How is it distorted today?


Christ as Exemplar vs Evolution - This talk deals with Christ as the Exemplar Cause of Creation and how that makes evolution impossible. Teilhard de Chardin is discussed in some detail. MUCH more could be said, but the conference is about an hour.


Evolution: The Religion of the Anti-Christ - Sermon on the errors of the science fiction idea called evolution. From Big Bang to polygenism. Sadly, many in the Church has adopted this & baptized these ideas.


Errors of Evolutionism ~ Eric Berminghan - The Errors of Evolutionism are described in detail.


Where we are. How we got here. What we need to do. Part I - We are in a revolutionary time of history. Revolutions have been a part of the world since Lucifer rebelled from God and became the adversarySatan. In this talk we will gain a deep knowledge as to how revolutions come about by examining the chiasms that are found throughout the Sacred Scriptures... as well as the basic chiastic layout of all creation. Come and learn what chaisms are and how they help us understand how revolutions work and why we need Christ to come and counter them throughout all time...


Where we are. How we got here. What we need to do. Part II - The chiastic structures discussed in Part I show us not only how revolutions come about but also how they are counteracted and reversed. In this talk we will see why all restorations must come from above... through Christ... as well as how we can and must cooperate with Him to counter all revolution in the world.


Other Good Presentations / Sermons:

HOLY TRINITY - Lecture Part 1 - A lesson on the Most Holy Trinity


HOLY TRINITY - Lecture part 2 - Another lesson about the Holy Trinity...


The Fewness of the Saved - The Majority of Mankind are Damned - This is a sermon regarding the fewness of the saved, meaning most men will be damned. Taken from St. Leonard of Port Maurice patron Saint of preachers.


Four Last Things: Death - Series of talks on the 4 Last Things. As always we start with Death.


Four Last Things: Judgment - A continuation of the series of lectures on the 4 Last Things. In this you'll learn of the particular & the general judgments.


Four Last Things: Hell - The 3rd talk on the 4 Last Things. This one's subject is Hell.


Four Last Things: Heaven - Conclusion of the 4 last things lecture. This one on Heaven.


Purgatory: Why & How Long Sermon on purgatory. Why is it needed? How long will one be there? What is it all about? Can we avoid it?


Hell: Go There Now So You Can Avoid It Later - St Philip teaches us that "He who does not go down into hell while he is alive, runs a great risk of going there after he is dead." In order to avoid going to hell in the next life, we must go there now in meditation, study, and even by voluntarily embracing various trials, penances and mortifications. These are just a couple of ways we "go to hell" in this life to avoid going there in the next. If we go down there now, we will discover a hole in the wall that has been reserved for us, one in which we will be folded upon ourselves and jammed into. There is no community, no love in that place: we will live only to curse and hate and desire others be damned like us. "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy."


Terrible Sin of Scandal - What is scandal? What are some examples of this today?


My Delight Is To Be With the Children of Men - A New Years sermon where Father speaks of reuniting old acquaintances as God wanted to be re-united to man.


What's in a Name - A name is a most important word... it tells us something about who we are, where we come from and where we are going. How important it is to call upon the most powerful name of His Majesty, Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, with great reverence and make reparation when it is abused. How important it is to name our children well and not give way to modern tendencies to make light of names.


Looking at Stars Through Prison Bars - God's laws place limits to our 'freedom.' Some perceive these as bars through which they only see mud, others look up to see the stars - which can be interpreted as the saints. Using the martyrdom of St. John Houghton and his Carthusian monks living in England under Henry VIII, Father provides very practical advice for good New Year resolutions. For example: (1) Read about the lives of the saints every day, even just a little. (2) Make a good general confession. (3) Go to Mass one day each week in addition to Sunday. (4) Write out our duties and be more faithful to them. (5) Perform small voluntary penances. (6) Pray the Rosary slower and with more devotion. (7) Increase our reverence at Mass. (8) Study the Faith. We never know what may come, and thus ought to be prepare ourselves for persecution!


Divine Prince Becomes Pauper‏ - The Divine Prince, the King of kings and Lord of lords, came down from heaven, assumed our lowly nature, becoming, as it were, sin for us... becoming a pauper... so that we might become princes in the Royal Court of Heaven. O admirabile commercium... O wonderful exchange!!!


Creation, Evolution and the Crisis of Faith ~ Hugh Owen - An introduction to the origins debate from a Catholic perspective, from a live presentation by Hugh Owen, founder and director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. This presentation sets forth the traditional doctrine on Creation as taught by the Catholic Church and exposes the bankruptcy of modern theories of evolution.


Witnesses for Creation ~ Hugh Owen - The various witnesses for the creation of the world in six days (Bible, Church Fathers, Icons, Liturgy and Mystics) are described.


Why Does It Matter ~ Hugh Owen - The importance of the debate on creation and evolution is discussed.


Why You Should Not Be A Theistic Evolutionist ~ Eric Bermingham - A scientific critique of evolutionary theory is given showing that it is incompatible with the Catholic Faith.


Avoid Being Convicted of a Wasted Life - Our Blessed Lord was both a Comprehensor and a Viator. We share in this too while on earth since as viators we make our pilgrimage to heaven and as comprehensors (by analogy) we have faith through which we know God. To keep our viator status, we must maintain our faith, lest we lose our way. This requires daily study and reading of good books. Here is a resolution for the new year


New Year's: The Spiritual Aspect of Feasting - Homily on feasting & the difference on how saints feasted vs how we do today


A World Undone without Christmas‏ - Without Christmas, man destroys himself... whole nations and continents commit suicide... as is clearly evident in the nearly continuous stream of atheistic wars over the last two and half centuries... most notably World War I and World War II. Only when Christ is once again recognized as Our King, will these evils be averted


Christmas The World Changing Event & the Story of Ruth - Christmas is THE world changing event. If there is to be any peace in the world... if anyone is to be saved, Christmas must be allowed to operate


HIStory--and HERstory--Is All About the Mass of Christ - Homily during 4th Sunday of advent regarding the Mass


Christmas Day is the Restoration of the Sense of Humor - Sermon on Christmas & keeping your sense of humor. Sin causes us to lose it. As St Ephrem says "go to the crib"